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Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

I fell asleep on the couch last night.

Attempting to finish the follow up piece to my “Confession” post.

Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash

It was a long, hectic day. Last day for appointments ahead of surgery. Had to stop at the surgeon’s office. Over to Mom’s and Dad’s to water the orchids (more on that later). Got some writing done.


And Mr. Supermarket Sweep (are you old enough to catch that reference?) had to get to the grocery store to stock up for the next two weeks….

Hold on…

Pre-op check-in with the financial department at the hospital.
Have to make sure they get paid to slice me open.

Okay. Where was I? …

Oh yeah.

So by the time I get home from the grocery store, there’s just enough time to toss the groceries into the house and it’s time to go pick up the pizza.

But first… Kathy needs gas. Will I? Sure.


So SuperHusband goes to the gas station and gets in the wrong bay.

Little did I know.

I pay at the pump, select the grade, stick the pump into the gas tank. It’s snowing. Still wet snow at this point. It’s blowing. I’m hungry. I’m freezing. I jump back into the car.

I’m listening to the radio, waiting to hear a click. I glance back at the pump. $1.70 and the it’s stopped. I get out of the car, start pumping again. Clicks off.

What do I do? Switch pumps or gut it out? I have no idea what’s wrong but it’s not the last time I’ve had an issue at this station. If I wasn’t in a hurry, I’d go elsewhere. I could’ve siphoned the gas into the tank faster.

About 15 minutes later, I’m going to pick up the pizza that was ready…
15 minutes ago.

It’s a super-casual night. Kathy and Stephen are watching Wheel of Fortune.

Hold on…

Another pre-op phone call. This 10 minute call took…
27 minutes and 22 seconds.


Where was I?

Oh yeah! Pizza!

First, I feed the squawking cats. I want to eat in peace.

Anyway… Wheel of Fortune is half over. We’re sitting in front of the TV eating pizza. Bun Bun says “I’m still hungry. You didn’t give me enough food,” and is ready to stick her snout in my plate. I wrestle her for my slice and I escape victorious. She spies another plate and trots off to investigate.

I know I need to finish writing my update.

But I am so tired!

I was supposed to pay bills…
I was supposed to work on our taxes…
I was supposed to write a couple e-mails…
I was supposed to shovel a path through my office…

Kathy had other designs on me. She wanted me in the bedroom.

For a rousing game of Tetris/Dr. Mario.
(This is a G-rated story, gang.)

If she gets me to play this stupid game, I get to listen to a podcast. So I listen. Fall into a supremely foul mood playing this stupid video game. And eventually stumble back to the couch where I can contemplate all that I didn’t accomplish.

Except I don’t make it long enough to contemplate much at all.

Next thing I know, it’s almost midnight. The Blackhawks are losing. All the lights are on.

And I stumble back to the now dark bedroom.

Try again tomorrow (I mean, today… I mean, tonight). And see how much more I can add to my plate.

Oh, wait! One more thing! The orchids!

Today (well, actually, yesterday) was the last day I’d be at Mom’s and Dad’s before surgery. When Dad died, Mom always worried about killing Dad’s orchids. Well… since Mom died, I always worried about the same thing.

Discussing with my sister, we concluded they were getting too much water. It had been a while since they got a drink, so — just like Dad always did — I was ready to begin the ritual of carrying them to the sink for a good soak and drain.

But wait! What’s this??

For the first time since Mom died…

First orchid bloom since I took over “not trying to kill ’em.”


I have to tell you… I smiled broadly. And I might have felt some moisture in my eyes.


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