October 2022

Kathy doesn't like this picture because I'm not smiling. I don't like my teeth.

My Backstory: The Prequel

When you’ve been alive for more than 60 years, you tend to repeat things. Today, it’s time to rehash my backstory. On the other hand, when you’ve been alive for this long, the story evolves. It becomes more nuanced. The years add layers. Even to the old stuff. The years provide perspective. Possibly answering some […]

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Another one of my passions. Photography.

Missed Me?

How does one go two years, seven months, and six days between posts? Well, you can ask me but I probably don’t have a good answer. Lack of commitment Life got in the way Lazy Long story Lame excuses Can’t think of any more “L” words Wait! Here’s one… Loser Those of you who know […]

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