Kathy doesn't like this picture because I'm not smiling. I don't like my teeth.

My Backstory: The Prequel

When you’ve been alive for more than 60 years, you tend to repeat things. Today, it’s time to rehash my backstory. On the other hand, when you’ve been alive for this long, the story evolves. It becomes more nuanced. The years add layers. Even to the old stuff. The years provide perspective. Possibly answering some […]

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Another one of my passions. Photography.

Missed Me?

How does one go two years, seven months, and six days between posts? Well, you can ask me but I probably don’t have a good answer. Lack of commitment Life got in the way Lazy Long story Lame excuses Can’t think of any more “L” words Wait! Here’s one… Loser Those of you who know […]

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Hip Replacement Surgery – Day 8: The Lazy Way

I didn’t have the energy to write. AGAIN. So I spoke the message. You have to click the link. Not the photo. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3005444692851296&id=100001573834848  

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The most uncomfortable car ride... well, since knee surgery in 2009.

Hip Replacement Surgery – Day 2: Crash and BURN

That’s me. In the passenger seat. On the way home from the hospital. I’m not a good passenger. Notice: Treating the cross trainers, untied, like loafers. Left hip needs to be higher than the knee. Not supposed to pigeon toe (if you notice, looks like I might have been doing that; oops). Towels on the […]

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Hip Replacement Surgery: Day 1

That was FAST. From entering the operating room to Dr. Bashyal speaking with my wife in the waiting room, less than an hour. I’m sore. Plenty of dizziness throughout the day. Some flashes of significant pain. But modern pharmacology is THE BOMB! (Does that phrase date me?) I had some things going for me. Good […]

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Photo by ANDI WHISKEY on Unsplash

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

I fell asleep on the couch last night. Attempting to finish the follow up piece to my “Confession” post. It was a long, hectic day. Last day for appointments ahead of surgery. Had to stop at the surgeon’s office. Over to Mom’s and Dad’s to water the orchids (more on that later). Got some writing […]

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photo credit: hernanpba Redención / Redemption via photopin (license)

I Have a Confession to Make

photo credit: hernanpba Redención / Redemption via photopin (license) I haven’t exercised regularly in more than a year. Rather embarrassing for a personal trainer to admit, huh? Oh, there’s a pretty good reason. But it’s also a pretty dumb reason. You see, I’m headed for surgery. Now, that could be a pretty good reason for not exercising in the short term. Depending on […]

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Stay Tuned!

Welcome home! You’re about to follow along with me as I get a new hip, recover, and rehab. Probably not all in the same day. Watch as a personal trainer who has turned into a heaping pile of jelly figures out how to get back in shape with bionic parts. Ask whatever questions you have. […]

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